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9 September 2019, Monday

Leading Learning Using Assessment: Instructional Leadership In Action

Transforming education is not about the “latest idea.” It is about imagining the best possible future for our students, so that we can take the next steps that make the most sense and have the greatest impact.

A Classroom Lecture

11 September 2019, Wednesday

Assessment Lead Training

This workshop is suitable for school leaders and others interested in deepening their understanding of the application of assessment theory in school contexts for the purpose of improving student outcomes.

Computer adaptive test.jpg

10 September 2019, Tuesday

Item Development for Computer Adaptive Tests

Over the course of the day we will share and discuss a range of different item types in use in computer-based tests. 

Digital Mind

10 September 2019, Tuesday

If only we could read your mind

Have you ever wondered about the quality of the information we collect about what students have learned?

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