The Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference (APEAC) is organised by the Principals Academy for school leaders, teachers, academics and researchers from all levels in Singapore and the region. The aim of APEAC is to raise the assessment competencies in our educators and school leaders so that quality teaching and learning can be achieved at every level. Educational assessment topics have been specially chosen to broaden one’s view of education assessment as well as to explore current trends and global best practices in education assessment. Whether one is new to educational assessment or a seasoned expert, the participant will find ample opportunities to gather new knowledge and insights at APEAC.

Participants will also discover how renowned institutions and educators have implemented their own successful programmes and find out how to implement them at one’s institution. International speakers who are authorities in educational assessment have been invited to share their knowledge through a series of keynote and spotlight sessions. As an event both diverse and informative, APEAC will serve as an opportunity for educators to network with peers, connect with experienced practitioners and exchange ideas with professionals from around the world.

APEAC 2019

"Smarter Assessment for Better Learning"

As teachers, we all spend considerable time and effort assessing our students, but have our methods kept pace with best international practice? This intensive two-day conference will bring together a unique team of experts from three continents, each of whom is at the forefront of their field. Through a mixture of plenary presentations, seminars and workshops, the conference will provide delegates with an unparalleled opportunity to explore some of the most exciting developments to emerge in the world of student assessment in the past few years. The emphasis will be on practical application at school and college level, solidly underpinned by world class research. It promises to be a truly cutting-edge event.


Prepare to be challenged and enthused!

Themes To Be Explored:

PISA 2018, and the Assessment of Global Competences

The Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills, the Optimizing Assessment for All (OAA) project,

and Assessment Trends in the South East Asia region

Performance Based Assessment and its Development Around the World

What is Wrong with Traditional Tests, and How to Design More Effective Ones

How E-assessment is Replacing Paper-based Assessment for National and School-based Tests around the World,

using Wales as a Case Study

Designing Assessments for Practitioner-led Research, and Using Evidence Effectively to Improve Practice

The Power and Potential of Student Self-assessment in Creating More Effective Learning

Linking Assessment and Classroom Pedagogy – Lessons from Research and Practice

Current Experience in Singapore: Where have we Reached and What do we still have to Do?

The Conference Chair > Professor David Hawker

David Hawker is Honorary Professor at Durham University UK, a former Professor of the College of Teachers and former Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University College London Institute of Education. He is an experienced educational administrator, serving as director in both local and national government in the UK between 1999 and 2011. From 1992-9 he was Assistant Chief Executive at the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, where for several years he was responsible for managing the national pupil assessment system and support for the school curriculum. Between 2010 and 2016 he ran his own international education consultancy specialising in providing advice on the development of effective educational systems in a number of countries.

Professor Hawker has advised several international organisations, including the OECD, the Open Society Institute and the World Bank, and is a Trustee of three educational charities in the UK. Now semi-retired, he enjoys keeping in touch with what is going on in education and educational assessment across the world.

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