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The Principals Academy first introduced the Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference (APEAC) in 2012, marking a significant milestone in the educational community. Organized every two years, APEAC shines as a lighthouse of insight and innovation in the wide expanse of educational assessment.

APEAC's primary objective is to uplift the assessment skills of educators and school leaders, thereby promoting high-quality teaching and learning at all educational levels. The conference meticulously selects topics on educational assessment to expand participants' perspectives, explore contemporary trends, and spotlight global best practices in the field. Catering to all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned professionals, APEAC ensures plentiful opportunities for its attendees to gain fresh insights and broaden their knowledge.

APEAC caters to a diverse audience, including school leaders, teachers, academics, and researchers from Singapore and surrounding regions. It provides a platform for attendees to learn about successful programs implemented by eminent institutions and educators and offers insights into how these strategies can be incorporated within their own establishments. The conference features international speakers who are renowned authorities in educational assessment, sharing their wisdom through a series of keynote and spotlight sessions.

APEAC stands as a multifaceted and insightful event, presenting educators with an opportunity to network with colleagues, connect with seasoned practitioners, and exchange ideas with professionals from all around the globe.


The 6th Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference 2023 (APEAC2023) is a cutting-edge event designed for today's progressive educators, school leaders, scholars, and researchers from Singapore and beyond. APEAC2023 aims to elevate assessment competencies and empower educators to deliver exceptional teaching and learning experiences at every level.


Dive into the latest trends and global best practices in educational assessment, curated to expand your perspective and adapt to the ever-evolving educational landscape. Whether you're just starting your journey in educational assessment or are a seasoned expert, APEAC2023 offers a wealth of opportunities to gain fresh insights and knowledge.

Our dynamic line-up of keynote speakers will reveal how prestigious institutions, educators, and researchers have successfully implemented and studied their programs, unlocking a world of innovative ideas for your unique educational context - from the classroom to the institution.


Featuring international thought leaders in educational assessment, APEAC2023 invites you to learn from their invaluable experiences, insights, and models of practice. This diverse and enriching conference creates a platform for networking with peers, engaging with experienced practitioners, and exchanging ideas with global professionals.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of APEAC2023, where the future of educational assessment is shaped and refined for today's world.

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About the Organiser


Principals Academy Inc or PAI was established on 14 November 2003 as a joint venture between Academy of Principals (Singapore) and Economic Development Board (EDB) in response to Singapore Government's vision of developing the nation into a thriving international education hub. Our work revolves around the provision of Professional Development, Accreditation, Consultancy and Enrichment to Educators and Learners alike.

To us, the most important component of the Education System is the people within it. Our corporate vision is a personal one – the chief beneficiaries of which are Educators and Learners, people whom we aim to make a difference in their lives.

At PAI, it is our mission to become the leading provider of educational resources, complementing our schools, institutions and education environment with quality services and programmes.

We welcome you to explore our website further to find out who we are and what we do.

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