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Cor Sluijter has 35 years of experience in developing paper and computer based assessment instruments, for both the private and public sector in the Netherlands. He is the former director of the department of Psychometrics and Research of Cito (2014-2020). As director of Cito’s department for Professional Exams, Middle and Higher Vocational and Scientific education (2004-2014), Cor was, among other things, responsible for the development of compulsory computerized (adaptive) entrance tests for the Teacher Colleges for Primary Education in the Netherlands, and for the introduction of computerized exams for Dutch and arithmetic in Middle Vocational Education. Prior to that he supervised the transition of Cito’s Student Monitoring System for primary education from paper based to computer based.


Currently, Cor is a part time senior consultant at Cito’s international department for Training and Consultancy. He has several other positions. He is a member of the Advisory Board on Competencies in Financial Services and external member of two Exams Board at Tilburg University. Cor is a Fellow of the Association for Educational Assessment Europe since 2014. He holds a PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, a master’s degree (cum laude) in Psychology and majored in research methodology.

Keynote Session

Student Monitoring Systems; Past, Present and Future

Worldwide, the term ‘student monitoring system’ is associated with one or other type of administrative software. However, in primary education in the Netherlands, for well over 30 years there exists a nationwide used student monitoring system which contains a range of educational tests. It is used to closely follow the development of students from kindergarten until their transition to secondary education in a range of subjects. It is in its fourth generation now. But what is its raison d’etre: what is it purpose and why do you need one? What is its added value compared to, for instance, an end of primary education test? In this keynote, the reasons for developing and maintaining such a student monitoring system and its features will be discussed against a background of several global structural trends in education and assessment.

Spotlight Session

Improving Education through Educational Assessment; Do’s and Don’ts

This spotlight session builds on the keynote of student monitoring systems. Several senior assessment specialists of Cito will help you to become aware of the numerous threats that lurk and the right thing to do when you are developing or changing part of an assessment system in a country. This highly interactive session will be based on a generic framework for assessment development that has been developed over the 30 years that Cito has been involved in international consultancy on educational measurement.

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